Good For Business – The Green Building Boom

The green building movement is gathering momentum in New Zealand’s cities and suburbs and is now known as being the only way forward for future-proofed construction.

And as such Pauanui Green is New Zealand’s premier showcase of the green building concept with each home being architecturally designed, modern, eco-friendly and future-proofed.

Pauanui Green was developed by New Zealand’s first international standards-approved Green Building Company, Green Homes NZ.

Green Homes New Zealand is the only builder in New Zealand to be certified “Green” by adhering to ISO 50001, a specification created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

A green building is designed to be good not only to their occupants but also to the wider community. The benefits of green building can range from environmental to economic to social.

“People are becoming more and more well-informed about and concerned with the environmental and social impacts of the built environment,” says Green Homes general manager Andrew Olsen.

Since 2014 there has been a 10-fold increase in registrations for Homestar, a New Zealand specific rating tool that measures the energy, health and comfort of houses. As a result of this green building homes will have improved marketability, in some markets to more easily attract tenants and to command higher rents and sale prices.

“Through reduced energy and water consumption and lower long-term operations and maintenance costs, green buildings have been shown to save money,” Olsen said. Recent weather events have shown the vulnerability of power and water supplies. This further demonstrates that buildings that use less energy, generate their own power, or collect their own water, are becoming non-negotiable.

Consumers are simply choosing warmer and healthier houses. There is an emerging level of research that supports that the physical characteristics of buildings and indoor environments can influence occupant health. Research has shown living in a Green Home reduces respiratory tract illnesses, lowers the number of hospital visits and creates an inner sense of well-being.

About Pauanui Green

There are only 16 prime sections at Pauanui Green to choose from – all 600m2 plus. These properties are priced from $695,000 to just over $1 million for a house and land package and options range from 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom with 20 choices each with multiple top quality personalisation options. Additional options include solar panels, battery storage, electric vehicle charging station and water re-use.

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